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Profit Point Inc. was founded in 1995 by two supply chain optimization experts working at Rohm and Haas Company, a Fortune 200 chemical manufacturing company. As a leader in supply chain technology implementation, Profit Point has grown to the forefront of delivering optimization solutions across a breadth of industries and functions.

Profit Point’s early client successes included implementing Aspentech SCM™ (formerly called MIMI™) supply chain improvement and optimization software at industry giants like Exxon Chemicals, Rohm and Haas Company, Bridgestone Firestone, and Phillips Petroleum.

From there Profit Point expanded to provide a wider array of supply chain offerings, including a proprietary supply chain process assessment methodology, tailored optimization tools for transportation and distribution operations, and a new software application methodology, which we refer to as “targeted” supply chain software, to quickly deliver high value optimization solutions.

At the same time, our network of partners grew to include the major optimization engine and modeling software providers. The last three years have seen the release of complete software applications to optimize areas of the supply chain where high value can be achieved for minimal cost. These applications include Profit Vehicle Planner, Profit Network and Profit Scheduler.

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