Participating in the communities where we work and live.

At Profit Point we are focused on providing exceptional value and insights to our customers while maintaining a healthy balance between work and play. As part of this, a key part of our mission is to “Participate in, and give back to, the communities where we work and live”. We do this both with money and with sweat and expertise. Through a variety of philanthropic activities that includes grants, loans and pro bono work, we are proud to be participating in the communities where we work and live.

Here is a brief summary of our work since 1995.


Donating money to worthy causes is the most common form of philanthropic activity. We believe this is one of a number of successful ways to support local communities, and as a company we have decided to focus our financial contributions on non-profit organizations that are helping to create and maintain jobs in the places where we work. Each year we identify cities where our major customers are located and find local organizations working to create jobs in these communities. If we benefit from work in these cities, we feel like we should help local residents there as well. Over the life of Profit Point Inc, we have donated about $100,000 to the following organizations:

  • Delaware Valley Community Reinvestment Fund (Philadelphia)
  • Search Homeless Services (Houston)
  • Tulsa Economic Development (Tulsa)
  • Resources for Human Development (Many Cities)
  • Center for Working Families (Atlanta)
  • The Empowerment Group (Philadelphia)
  • Wages Co-operative (Oakland)


While we believe strongly in donating to organizations that make our communities stronger, we feel even more strongly about making loans into our communities to empower individuals and small companies and leverage the resources we have to share. In many cases we have combined grants and loans, to help create jobs in distressed areas of the cities where we work and live. In partnership with some of the non-profits listed above, we have made almost an additional $100,000 in low-interest or no-interest loans:

  • Delaware Valley Community Reinvestment Fund
  • Resources for Human Development
  • Murex Investment

Sharing our Expertise

We also believe that getting involved and sharing what we have to offer is a key part of participating in our communities. Each of our employees gets involved in their own personal way. As a company we also look for ways to share our expertise, and have been able to do so in the following ways:

  • We provided production and inventory planning tools to Sun & Earth to help them manage growth at an early stage of their development.
  • We have provided class, teacher and roster scheduling services to local schools to improve the quality of their school schedule.

As you learn more about Profit Point, we hope that you will appreciate the importance to us of participating in, and giving back to, the communities where we work and live. If you are a partner or customer of ours, we hope you will consider joining us in one or more of these activities.

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