SuperShuttle introduces “Auto Routing” for Quicker Pick Up and Delivery to most of the nation’s largest Airports

Profit Point, MapInfo and SuperShuttle team up to provide the ultimate in Passenger Customer Service

PHOENIX – (December 18, 2007) – SuperShuttle just made getting to the airport and home easier with the introduction of “Auto Routing” a unique system for the delivery of real live people to and from most of the nation’s leading airports. Auto Routing is the brain child of Profit Point, Pitney Bowes MapInfo and SuperShuttle coming together to create a state-of-the-art pick up and delivery system for people that allows for the most efficient routing of SuperShuttle customers yet.

Profit Point, Pitney Bowes MapInfo and SuperShuttle created this programming capability which integrated their individual systems in to the centralized dispatch capabilities at SuperShuttle to provide passengers with a quicker and less complex pick up system for SuperShuttle customers nationwide. “Auto Routing” will reduce the pick up times, less time spent on the shared-ride vans for customers and quicker turn around at the airports overall.

“This has been a true team effort,” said Mike Hogan, Chief Technology Officer for SuperShuttle International. “The functionality of ‘Auto Routing’ is different than the typical delivery optimization of packages since we’re essentially delivering people. Packages don’t mind sitting in the delivery truck and going out of their way a bit. People, on the other hand, don’t like to be on the van too long, go to far out of their way, or backtrack to the airport. This new system actually delivers a whole new ‘on-time’ delivery system for our customers.”

Basically, “Auto Routing” can route each drivers entire day’s work in less than a minute whereas it would take a dispatcher anywhere from four to eight hours to accomplish the same.


Profit Point, Inc.
Profit Point is about the “Science of Better,” specializing in the improvement of a broad range of complex business processes in several industries. Profit Point’s solutions provide immediate benefits using cost-effective technology improvements with Targeted Software and focused consulting services. Please go to for more information.

SuperShuttle International, based in Phoenix, AZ is a division of Veolia Transportation On Demand and a subsidiary of Veolia Environment (Euronext: VIE, NYSE: VE). SuperShuttle serves 27 airports, carrying more than eight million passengers a year. Airports served by SuperShuttle include some of the largest in the country including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington, D.C. and Miami. Please go to for more information.

Veolia Transportation, Inc.
Veolia Transportation is the leading provider of passenger ground transportation services on the North American continent, operating bus, rail, taxi, shuttle and para-transit systems in over 120 locations in the US and Canada. Veolia Transportation entered the North American market in 2001 and has quickly expanded to a national presence, with over 16,000 employees and annual revenues approaching $1 billion.

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Profit Point gets win with Rohm and Haas

November 17th, 2005 3:03 pm Category: Press Releases, Scheduling, Supply Chain Planning, by: Editor

Profit Point was selected by Rohm and Haas Company to provide multiple consulting and support services using AspenTech‘s Supply Chain Management (SCM) (formerly Aspen MIMI) supply chain modeling software. Aspen SCM is used to power numerous supply chain applications. These applications can include industry optimization solvers like Xpress-MP by Dash Optimization or CPLEX by ILOG, Inc.

Profit Point has worked with Rohm and Haas to design support coverage that was flexible but also responsive to their requirements. The services included end-user support and enhancement work to all Aspen SCM based supply chain scheduling applications. Profit Point provides support service that includes the repair and debug of model problems as they arise, support of the various production and operational processes that feed data to and from the models and minor enhancements to the models. Profit Point’s Aspen SCM support service allowed Rohm and Haas’s business units to continue providing excellent customer service by delivering quality products with minimal scheduling interruptions.

In addition, Rohm and Haas selected and engaged Profit Point Inc to improve, design and develop several scheduling models to manage Rohm and Haas’s production scheduling process for the plastics additives and coatings production, which includes 100+ products, 1,000+ SKUs, and 30+ production facilities. Profit Point worked with Rohm and Haas to identify ongoing requirements for production scheduling and has designed, created and delivered over 30+ plant and process specific scheduling tools to allow Rohm and Haas to achieve their strategic goals to improve production scheduling, lower operating costs and provide better service to their customers.

In addition, Profit Point provides similar services to Bridgestone Firestone North America and Sealed Air Corporation. The services have included:

  • Upgrades
  • Model Enhancements
  • Model Application Design And Development
  • Model And SAP APO (Or Other) Application Integration
  • Technical Support and Training
  • Help Desk Break/Fix Support

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Solver Consulting Partner

October 20th, 2004 8:13 pm Category: Excel Solver, Optimization, Press Releases, Solver Optimization, by: Editor

Solver Consultants

Frontline Systems develops mathematical solvers and optimizers and has customers in over 50 countries. Frontline’s flagship product, the Premium Solver Platform, greatly extends the power of the Solver in Microsoft Excel, which Frontline developed for Microsoft. This powerful product offers built-in linear, quadratic, conic, nonlinear, interval global and evolutionary Solvers.

Profit Point is Frontline Systems’ consulting partner. Profit Point can quickly assist Microsoft Excel users with their modeling needs and projects, reducing model development and programming effort and time. Profit Point’s consultants can assist with development of models “from scratch”, or help companies that are starting a project that requires more in-depth technical consulting support.

Frontline’s Solver technology spans the full range of linear and nonlinear, convex and non-convex, discrete and continuous optimization. The Premium Solver Platform offers the world’s best platform for convex optimization – the natural extension of linear programming – and the world’s best platform for global optimization.

For more capacity and speed, users can choose from eight plug-in large scale Solver Engines that offer a range from traditional linear, quadratic and mixed-integer programming to powerful convex and conic optimization, nonlinear optimization, global optimization, and optimization of arbitrary Excel models using genetic algorithms, tabu search and scatter search.

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Carlisle Supply Chain Optimization

The construction materials division of Carlisle Companies wanted to evaluate their longstanding practice of co-locating their major warehouses next to their manufacturing operations. Carlisle was looking to reduce their transportation and warehousing costs and questioned if there was a particular set of new warehouse locations that would result in a more desirable distribution network resulting in lower costs and better customer service.

Profit Point developed an optimization model to trade off transportation and warehousing costs while meeting product demand. The model included the top 100 distribution locations in the US along with Carlisle’s existing warehouse sites as potential locations for the model to consider.

Profit Point was able to identify achievable annual savings of $1 million by showing them how to use their existing network more efficiently and by adding one new warehouse location next to the new manufacturing plant being built. The model showed that Carlisle’s existing warehouses were located in desirable areas regarding operating cost and proximity to vendor, manufacturing and customer locations, but also identified business changes to the way Carlisle manages their inventory at several warehouses, allowing them to realize larger savings. The study also confirmed which new manufacturing plant location out of several candidates was the most cost efficient in regards to transportation costs.

“Profit Point did not come to Carlisle with a pre-determined answer to our logistics issues. They did an excellent job of listening to our needs, working with our personnel to extract the necessary information, and formulating recommendations to reduce our costs.” said Bob Stout, Vice President in charge of Purchasing and Logistics at Carlisle SynTec Inc.

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ILOG has selected Profit Point Inc. as a preferred ILOG SP Service Provider due to our strong technology expertise and proven ability to integrate software components into custom solutions.
ILOG products are used by tens of thousands of end users in telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, defense, and other industries.

Profit Point will present at the Spring INFORMS Conference on OR/MS Practice, Applying Science to the Art of Business, Cambridge, MA, April 25-27. Dr. Gene Ramsay will speak on “Using MS/OR Techniques in Supply-Chain Management” on Sunday, April 25, as part of Maximal Software’s Pre-Conference Workshop titled: “Integrating Optimization in Real-World Business Applications” We hope to see you there!

Profit Network Software

Our Profit Network optimization tool is a stand-alone software package that is used to solve supply chain network design problems. Profit Network can be used to analyze alternative placements of production facilities, distribution centers and warehouses over a multi-period planning horizon. Profit Network helps firms restructure their supply chains after mergers, periods of rapid growth and in anticipation of geographic or product preference shifts in the market. Savings of 10% of supply chain costs and 25% of supply chain cycle time are typical when implementing results from models such as Profit Network.

Profit Network allows the user to model their existing or proposed supply chain for a geographic area, with its locations, flow limits and costs. Input data include raw material sources and costs, plant locations, plant production rates and costs, warehouse and distribution center locations and costs and customer locations and anticipated demand. You will be able to solve detailed supply chain network design problems in a few moments with optimal results.

Profit Point has both delivered this product to clients and used it on infrastructure planning diagramSupply Chain consulting engagements. This proprietary tool is now available for delivery and use at your company.

To learn more about Profit Network, go to:

To learn more about how Profit Point can help you get the most out of your Supply Chain Infrastructure Planning, call us at (866) 347-1130 or send us an email.

Profit Vehicle Router (PVR) is a sales and distribution territory planning application as well as an operational routing application. The software helps distributors save money by cutting the time needed to develop sales/distribution territories and schedules, as well as reducing delivery miles and the number of delivery vehicles and drivers needed. PVR helps you plan optimal delivery or sales route territories, cycle-day territories (what days each site will receive deliveries), and daily routes from a distribution center or office, thereby improving customer service, employee productivity and ultimately increasing profits.

PVR Assigns Your Customers to Efficient Route Territories
Go from chaos to organized in minutes. Create new territory assignments:

  • As customers are added or deleted
  • Or as often as you desire.

Suitable for both operational and planning purposes, streamlines your route-planning process, using computer-aided technology to:

  • Reduce the staff time required to determine the optimal territories and routes,
  • Reduce the number of delivery miles and delivery time, and
  • Decrease the number of delivery vehicles and drivers you need.

PVR combines familiar tools such as Microsoft Access, Excel, and MapPoint with advanced proprietary routing algorithms to ensure high-quality solutions.

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The Social Side of the Supply Chain

February 18th, 2004 7:07 pm Category: Press Releases, Supply Chain Planning, Sustainability, by: Editor

Download the new article about the “The social side of the supply chain” co-authored by Alan Kosansky and Jim Piermarini from here.

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