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About Business Optimization

Profit Point’s Business Optimization services combine industry-leading consultants with proven technologies to improve a broad range of business processes including:

Business Optimization Consultants

  • Asset utilization
  • Transportation and distribution routing
  • Complex scheduling
  • Custom software applications through the integration of optimization technology

Our optimization consultants are industry leaders with the real world experience needed to assess, design, and implement the right optimization solution. We deliver results with targeted software development by incorporating proven technology that is customized to meet your specific needs.

This unique combination of expertise and custom software development will ensure that your business reaches maximum profitability and improved customer service levels.

Asset Utilization

If your business requirements are changing, but you rely heavily upon fixed infrastructure assets, then optimizing the utilization of your assets is the most practical means for achieving your goals.

Profit Point provides a targeted optimization solution that allows you to maximize the productivity of your assets. We provide solutions that optimize both production and transportation assets across your geographic footprint.

Using our proven techniques, Profit Point clients have significantly improved profitability and customer service by:

  • Reducing the assets needed to service product volume
  • Increasing production capacity without capital investments
  • Delaying new capital investments by organizing their production and distribution processes

Examples of our successful asset optimization solutions include:

  • A Global Manufacturing Company identified $15 million in annual savings by using a stand-alone supply chain template developed by Profit Point. This data entry and preparation tool template uses linear programming optimization technology to solve network design problems.
  • Discover how a Roofing Materials Manufacturer’s Supply Chain Infrastructure was changed to generate achievable annual savings of $1M.

Transportation and Routing

Profit Point offers a comprehensive array of transportation and routing optimization services, including territory planning, vehicle routing and carrier bid optimization. Our team can help you reorganize distribution plan to match your operational constraints and service level commitments.

You can learn more by visiting our transportation optimization services and distribution optimization software pages.

Advanced Scheduling

Our scheduling optimization consultants are experienced veterans that have years of experience solving complex scheduling requirements for Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries. We apply that depth of experience and proven optimization techniques to ensure that your scheduling processes maximize profitability and customer service potential.

You can learn more by visiting our scheduling services and scheduling software pages.

Software Optimization

We work with clients and software development companies to integrate optimization algorithms into their software. Whether you are building a software product for internal use or for public sale, we can help make your application better.

You can learn more by visiting our custom optimization software page.

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