How It’s Done

Are you struggling with a standardized supply chain?

Our Supply Chain Assessments help you optimize the most important facets of your supply chain. Most companies are not getting the value they expect from their supply chain. Even those that have made improvements cannot sustain them. Sustained improvement requires the right balance among business process, technology, and social systems.

We help you get the three key parts of the supply chain right:

1. People

2. Technology

3. Processes

You may be able to get quick returns by installing new software or improving processes. But the ability to sustain these gains requires developing the human system along with the business processes and technology. We work with you to address all three drivers with our balanced and integrated methodology. We leave your system better prepared to continuously enhance its performance.


Our Process

Assess Where You Are Now

  • Benchmarking business processes against our database of 150+ companies
  • Measurement of your Supply Chain Maturity using the SCOR model
  • Detailed discovery of specific improvement opportunities
  • Analysis of how the social system supports and impedes performance
  • Presentation of results and recommendations for sustained improvement

Build a Roadmap to the Future that is practical and actionable

  • Projects a clear vision for sustained improvement of your supply chain
  • Provides an efficient and effective path for implementing your vision
  • Encourages a workforce that is knowledgeable of the vision and committed to sustaining it



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