Profit Point Improves Toyota’s North American Part Center California’s Supply Chain Processes

Leveraging Profit Point’s supply chain optimization methodologies, Toyota North American Part Center California improves efficiency and quality of their workload planning sequencing process to receive containers from Japan.

North Brookfield, MA (PRWEB) October 6, 2008

Profit Point today announced that Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc.’s North American Part Center California (NAPCC) has improved its receiving sequencing processes using advanced mathematical optimization techniques. NAPCC is one of the parts distribution centers among TMS’ North American Parts Operations network, which was established to improve local parts sourcing and manage a parts distribution network that supplies all North American Toyota distributors, U.S. Toyota, Lexus and Scion dealers as well as export to parts centers in Japan. NAPCC turned to Profit Point to apply mathematical optimization techniques to further improve their supply chain operations.

“We turned to Profit Point to apply mathematical optimization techniques to further improve our supply chain operations,” Johnnie Garlington, NAPCCs warehouse operations manager. The program supported the increase in daily offload by 16% resulting in labor savings, off-site storage costs and detention expenses.

Profit Point, the leading supply chain optimization company, combines proprietary software with proven optimization techniques to help business managers improve their operations. Profit Point supported NAPCC’s objective to redesign their workload planning process to improve the efficiency and quality of their sequencing processes. Profit Point carried this out by designing and building custom supply chain software to optimize their sequencing processes.

“We were asked to investigate a mathematical approach to solving Toyota NAPCC’s container receiving sequencing process,” said Joe Litko, Profit Point’s Business Optimization Practice Leader. “This was an interesting challenge for several reasons. We needed a cost-effective solution using legacy tools, the model needed to run quickly, be flexible, and give robust solutions that consider several performance measures simultaneously.”

NAPCC had been using a traditional spreadsheet to manually achieve an hourly workload plan. Profit Point reviewed the sequencing process and designed a stand-alone application to smooth out the flow of containers to maximize the daily unload capacity.

“Like most businesses, Toyota NAPCC was using good, traditional operations practices,” said Dr. Alan Kosansky, Profit Point’s President. “But, by combining the right mathematical optimization methods with a clear understanding of the business requirements, we were able to achieve a superior supply chain process for Toyota.”

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