Special Report: Transportation Survey 2011

With the timing and velocity of an economic recovery uncertain, many companies are looking for new ways to improve profits without risking growth capacity. One key opportunity for gaining competitive cost advantage is transportation spend.

So this year, we conducted a survey transportation decision makers to learn more about their concerns and expectation for 2011. Supply chain professionals from a variety of companies and industries were polled. Here’s what we learned:

  • In today’s environment, cost and service still dominate all other considerations
  • Despite current economic conditions, 87% of respondents are concerned about rising transportation costs
  • 75% of all respondents find it challenging to balance the tradeoff between cutting costs and adding too many carriers
  • One in four respondents were not able to measure the impact of their “improvement initiatives”

To read the complete report, including our conclusions, click the link below:

Transportation Research Report

Download the 2011 Transportation Survey

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