In response to ‘Flying high on the Big Data hot-air’

I enjoyed reading Phil Factor‘s editorial in SQL Server Central, entitled Flying high on the Big Data hot-air. While the piece brings an interesting perspective to the developing ‘Big Data’ discussion and I think there is merit to the opinion,  I believe the author missed a few key points:

  • From a technology stand point the author is correct, but from a business stand point, there is in fact a revolution going on….much like supply chain in the early 90s.
  • While many of the early successes are on small data sets, they are happening because we have big ones.
  • I read yesterday that Google search is having great success with new predictive search technology….this is where you don’t actively search for anything, but something like this might happen….your alarm goes off 30 minutes earlier than you set it, your device tells you there is an accident on your route to your 9AM meeting and offers an alternate route for you and where you may want to stop for your cup of coffee on this new route so you can get to your meeting on time. You did nothing before you went to bed, but while you were sleeping, this new Google search trolled through your calendar, and other info it “knew” about you, trolled through public traffic data, etc….

There is going to be another big step in how our devices work for us over the next 10 years, and it is already beginning, partially enabled by “Big Data”. Don’t underestimate it because some of the leading analytics have been around for a long time. The ways they are being applied are going to change things significantly.

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