Celebrating Significant Milestones

Once a year we celebrate some significant milestones here at Profit Point.Baloons
This year, we have the great pleasure of celebrating 10 years of service for our Director of Sales, Richard Guy. In his ten years at Profit Point, Rich has been instrumental in establishing our sales process and in helping to make the connection of several of our largest customers with Profit Point. Rich’s affable style and gregarious nature has served him well at Profit Point. Rich also can tell a pretty good joke. Congratulation Rich for ten years!

Celebrating 5 years of service are Director of Logistics Services Ted Schaefer, and our Senior Programmer, John Cutler (Cutty). In these 5 years each have brought great things to Profit Point and our customers. We look forward to many more years of of working with these folks, and appreciate their efforts to make Profit Point more sucessful. Congratulations to Ted and Cutty for five years!

Jim Piermarini, CEO Profit Point

About Jim Piermarini

Jim has extensive experience in the chemical industry, including ten years working in a plant and twenty additional years working with businesses to improve their supply chains.

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