Participating in the Communities Where We Work and Live

A core part of the Profit Point mission is to participate in the communities where we work and live. We do that by providing pro bono services to local companies, by participating in community work days, and by contributing financially to organizations focused on job creation and the necessary accompanying community support.

While our financial support includes the more common annual grants to cover operating funds, we believe equally in the importance of making loans into the communities where we work and live. Lending provides capital into communities where traditional banking services do not always participate. There are many excellent non-profit organizations providing capital and the accompanying services to support small business in local communities.

Profit Point currently has three loans of $25,000 each to the follow organizations in communities where we work and live:

We encourage you to see the work that these organizations are doing, and to support similar organizations in the communities where you work and live.

Happy holidays from the team at Profit Point!

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