Funny How No One Mentions the Level of Effort Involved

Sometimes the answer to “How difficult can it be?” is more difficult than you were prepared for!

Okay, I have the Network Optimization Software…Now what?  They didn’t tell me how many different choices I’d have to make to put this thing together.

Assembling your optimal supply chain starts with modeling your supply chain. It’s important that you get it right. Using supply chain network modeling software without assistance can be risky, especially if it’s your first time, or it’s been months since you built a model. Before starting your next project, ask Profit Point to collaborate with you and your team as we successfully put the pieces together.

We consult with continuous and batch manufacturing process companies to model their complete or partial manufacturing and distribution network to develop an optimal supply chain network plan.  Let us help you expose total delivered cost for any product and customer. Profit Point’s supply chain collaboration experts can help you model, design and determine the optimal supply chain network design for profitability and customer service levels for your enterprise-wide business.

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Rich has over 25 years of experience selling technology and optimization solutions. He has served a wide range of industries in manufacturing, distribution, utilities, and finance. He is a thought leader in effective application of optimization technology to achieve increased business profitability.

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