Don’t Wait for the Perfect Product – You’ll be Waiting for an Eternity

Recently, I was reading the current issue of Cornell Engineering Magazine.  In it, they had a profile of an alumnus named Howard Morgan.  Mr. Morgan is a 1968 Ph.D. graduate of Cornell and a venture capitalist.  You can read the article in Cornell Engineering Magazine here.

One paragraph in particular struck me.  It reads:

“[Mr. Morgan’s] advice to students with entrepreneurial aspirations:  make sure there is a large market for your product, and remain flexible.  The type of company he prefers to invest in is one that can be ‘quick at incremental improvement versus postponed perfection,’ says Morgan.  ‘You know, try something, see how the users react and make adjustments quickly, as opposed to waiting until you think you have the perfect product, because it won’t be anyway.’” (emphasis added)

This describes exactly the approach we use at Profit Point in implementing software tools.  We think that trying to design the perfect product up front is a pipe dream and fool’s errand.  Scoping out what is absolutely essential to achieve the desired benefits and implementing quickly via an iterative development process has been enormously successful for us and our clients.  There are many benefits to this approach including:

  • Getting user feedback as early as possible
  • Allowing benefits to be achieved as early as possible
  • Avoiding significant design errors based on poor or inadequate communication
  • Identifying and managing changes in an iterative process

You can read more about and download a white paper on Profit Point’s agile supply chain software implementation methodology here or we’d be happy to have a conversation with you about our approach and how we might be of service.  Go to our contact form and someone will get back to you shortly.


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Mark Rockey is a Production Scheduling and Supply Chain Planning Practice Leader at Profit Point. He has spent 20+ years applying analytic techniques to solve real world problems in network design; production and distribution planning and scheduling; and capacity analysis and design.

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