Supply Chain Software: Is your solution scalable?

Supply Chain Software Scalable

Do you need to use one of the big Supply Chain Management software packages to have a scalable solution that covers all your businesses and regions? Many of the larger software vendors insist that the answer is “Yes”. Their argument goes something like this: “Customized solutions may fit your business requirements and competitive advantage needs better, but they are not scalable across different businesses and multiple regions”. Here is an example of, in my opinion, being penny-wise and pound foolish.

Our experience with semi-custom solutions is that with the proper support structure they are both scalable and less costly to implement and maintain. The large Supply Chain software vendors who sell a purely out-of-the-box solution become profitable by making their software support generic supply chain processes that are replicable across different industries, different businesses and different regions. Touted as “best-in-class”, they do in fact encompass best practices in supply chain management. If you only need your supply chain processes to be as good as your competitors, implementing these tools may be the right approach for you.

However, if you see opportunities for competitive advantage in your supply chain processes, you are going to want to implement either an optimization-based configurable supply chain software solution or a semi-custom solution that captures the competitive advantage embedded in your supply chain processes.

Such supply chain solutions are in fact scalable. Profit Point implements supply chain solutions using an agile implementation strategy that is faster and lower cost than most supply chain implementations. We follow that up with a continual-improvement support program that provides general support of the applications across the globe, continual enhancements to allow the software solutions to evolve with your business as business goals and strategy and supply chain operating conditions change. Our customers are not stuck with a solution implemented over a decade ago. Nor do they need to engage in a costly and time-consuming implementation project to migrate to the next generation of supply chain software. By using Profit Point’s continual improvement support process, their supply chain solutions continuously evolve to match the current state of their supply chain business process. That is the real source of competitive advantage!

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Alan Kosansky has pioneered the application of advanced analytic techniques to transportation procurement, dynamic scheduling, supply chain management and financial optimization.

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