Celebrating Twenty-five Years

Celebrating Twenty-five Years of Business

It is said, “Home is where the heart is.” For the past 25 years, Profit Point Inc. has been my professional home, and it has certainly been where my heart is!

In 1995, Jim Piermarini and I were leading Supply Chain “re-engineering” improvements in Production Planning, Production Scheduling, and Supply Chain Network Design at Rohm and Haas company that created tens of millions of dollars of value.  While rewarding in its own right, we set our sights on more.  We established Profit Point Inc. intending to leverage our initial successes at Rohm and Haas with the following goals:

  1. Help any business that would let us improve their supply chain business processes.
  2. Use the best technologies available to enable the people running those supply business processes to make the best decisions.
  3. Do the above in a way that is joyful and supports not only our professional lives but equally our personal lives.

Over the past 25 years, we have met those goals and more!  We have served over 150 different organizations.  Six of our employees have ended their careers with us and transitioned into retirement…. though most of them have continued to consult back with us on a part-time basis.  We now have an international team that provides tremendous value to our diverse set of customers, while knowing well how to find the right balance for themselves between personal and professional life.

The journey has been filled with great successes and even better experiences.  The people with whom I have shared these experiences – employees, customers, partners, and even at times, competitors – have filled my scrapbook with sweet memories, funny stories, and life-changing experiences.

And we are not done.  A new generation is joining our team and helping us set a new course towards new challenges with new customers and business partners.  I thank you for being part of this journey and look forward to our shared experiences together in the month and years to come.

As we say in my adopted home state…..A Hui Hou.

About Alan Kosansky

Alan Kosansky has pioneered the application of advanced analytic techniques to transportation procurement, dynamic scheduling, supply chain management and financial optimization.

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