Giving Back

Giving Back to the Communities We Live and Work In

This has always been part of our mission statement here at Profit Point. We are living in an uncertain time right now, and we are all shifting our behavior. One thing that has been inspiring to me is how much we are becoming a global community and how so many people are stepping up and giving back to their communities. 

Personally, my way of giving back to the community over this past year has been to volunteer with local organizations, including Philadelphia Reading Coaches and TechGirlz. While we are in the midst of social distancing, I have not been able to go in and volunteer each week, so I am having to find new ways to give back to my community, given the current global climate. I have seen many great ideas from buying gift cards to local restaurants and bars, supporting local gyms through purchasing online classes, and monetarily donating to local food banks and non-profits working to make sure our communities stay safe and nourished. Over the past few weeks, it has been inspiring to see how many people are stepping in to work together and give back to our communities so that we can all succeed and make it through this difficult time.

At Profit Point, we have been working with our clients to help them adjust their planning and scheduling tools to reflect these sudden changes. We are collaborating with and supporting our clients as they turn over their factories to produce essential need items, distribute these items, and adjust their systems to reflect these changes. As always, we are here to help as we all navigate through these uncharted times and work through the changes and challenges we are all facing.   

About Aviva Kosansky

Aviva's specialty is in Supply Chain Network Design & Analysis. Her areas of expertise include logistics & transportation, technology integration, and business optimization. She has a passion for helping clients gain a deeper understanding of their network to make meaningful and impactful business decisions through network design studies. Additionally, she has worked on developing, supporting, and enhancing Logistics Planning Software Tools for clients. Her interests include researching and working on creating Sustainable Supply Chains along with advancing Horizontal Collaboration in Supply Chain.

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