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The valuable employee

Our normal mode of operation here at Profit Point is to work virtually from our homes. We travel to client sites as needed and get the Profit Point team together face to face several times a year.  Our last face to face meeting was in December 2019. This seems like forever and a day ago, given the current situation around the world due to COVID-19.

At our December meeting, many of us noted that our previous employers were very large companies. We discussed that working at a big company can make you think that your job is stable, safe and secure. Then new management with a ‘new vision’ arrives, or your organization is acquired by or merged with another company. These are things out of your control which happen often. Any of these events – or maybe even a pandemic – can lead to your role being eliminated while you are doing great work.

So, how does one maximize their employment security? I think the most important thing is to make yourself valuable. If you establish value with your current team and employer, you are more likely to be retained because they cannot do without you.

What does ‘make yourself valuable’ look like? Keep your skill set current, be willing to take on new challenges, get tasks done to completion and have a positive attitude. These are all ways you can be valuable (and pleasant) to work with.

Establishing your value is no guarantee with your present employer, in the current environment. However, you can increase the likelihood that you will find opportunity quickly, by being valuable!

About Mark Rockey

Mark Rockey is a Production Scheduling and Supply Chain Planning Practice Leader at Profit Point. He has spent 20+ years applying analytic techniques to solve real world problems in network design; production and distribution planning and scheduling; and capacity analysis and design.

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