Lessons Learned: Competitive Strategy in Supply Chain Network Design

Supply chain network design is a necessary regular activity for any company who views competitive strategy in supply chains as an important pillar of their business. This is even more true when supply chain leaders are looking to make a decision that may change the course of their business forever.

As my colleague, Jim Piermarini, recently wrote, this process should also include an analysis of supply chain optimization opportunities, which includes leveraging available data within your ecosystem to make smarter business and operations decisions.

And to make the case for regular supply chain network design check-ins even more urgent, the kind of supply chain disruption we’ve seen throughout the past two years is profound. Supply chain disruption impacts Wall Street, not to mention SMB owners and local communities like Fall River.

While the global impact of the pandemic, economic fluctuations and manufacturing capabilities remains somewhat uncertain, there has never been a more crucial time to pause and conduct a network design analysis.

Case Study: Competitive Strategy in Supply Chain

Here at Profit Point, we are passionate about helping our clients consider ALL the data within their supply chain ecosystem to make the most informed decisions that support competitive strategy in supply chain network design. In fact, we have worked with companies to evaluate their dispersed network, which includes plants, distribution facilities, and of course, suppliers.

By conducting a competitive analysis and adding additional context to their supply chain network design, we enriched the company’s forecasting models and helped them increase their annual gross margin. To learn more, you can read an example case study here.






As always, we look forward to hearing from you and learning about your own experiences in supply chain. Drop us a line!

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Educated as an Industrial Engineer, Eric has been providing planning and scheduling solutions throughout his career to numerous industries, with a particular focus on the value chains in manufacturing and distribution. He came to us from the optimization team at FICO, and prior to that was the leader of the Optimization and Supply Chain Solutions team in North America for IBM. Eric has a particular interest in understanding how organizations differentiate themselves in a marketplace and then applying technology to enhance that differentiation through operational effectiveness.

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