Break the Bias: Profit Point Celebrates Women’s Day 2022

At Profit Point, we value diversity.  Diversity at Profit Point enables us to approach problem solving from multiple perspectives to generate multi-dimensional and robust solutions. It supports us in understanding the wide range of stakeholders in our client’s organizations with whom we interact  on a daily basis.  And it makes the work we do more exciting, more interesting, more fun and more sustainable.

In support of this year’s 2022 International Women’s Day theme of “Break the Bias”, our stories below might inspire you as they do us.




Every year my siblings, nieces and nephews all get together for an annual backpacking trip. All of us look forward all year to disconnecting from the digital world for a week or two, and just being with each other.  Watching my nieces and nephews increasingly grow more confident in the backcountry has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. They have backpacked remote Yellowstone, climbed mountains in Oregon and seen sights they would never have experienced with their faces planted in front of a screen.




I grew up in a small town in landlocked southern Ohio.  After graduating with a degree in chemical engineering, I moved over 500 miles away.  My career in supply chain and my love for travel (especially to scuba destinations!) has taken me to over 30 states and territories in the US, and 19 other countries.  I am working on adding more in 2022!  I clearly remember my 100th scuba dive as if it was yesterday, but that was quite a while ago.   I am really looking forward to reaching my 200th dive milestone on my next trip.   On top of all this, I also managed to raise two wonderful young men who are just as passionate about travel, and ensuring a balance between work and life.



I couldn’t be prouder of the three (3) generations of the women in my family.  In this picture, I’m hiding in the background, my daughter Hannah is on the right, and my two granddaughters, Jess and Gracie, are in front.  My mum isn’t here to share in this today, but she was an inspiration to me throughout her life, working all the while raising me. I have strived to pass this same ethos to my daughter and she is raising her daughters in the same way to understand that having a career and family is an attainable goal for women.



Growing up in Hawaii, I found my love for the ocean and the outdoors at a young age.  I am always happiest when in the water and constantly looking for new aquatic activities to try. I love to travel and am always looking for travel destinations near water as I believe the most breathtaking views can be seen when looking back from the water.  I spent 2021 earning my Master’s degree, and doing research at MIT.  I had a wonderful opportunity to work with incredibly bright and inspiring women while conducting research on horizontal collaboration.  I also got to spend lots of time exploring New England.




Who says you can’t have a life and career?  I moved from Turkey to the Netherlands in 2020, which is not an easy task under normal circumstances.  Imagine moving to an entirely different country and culture during the height of the pandemic with unpredictable border closings!  As part of my work in supply chain, it is important that I communicate clearly, and being fluent in both English and Turkish has been a big help.   Not to mention the importance of data, which gave me the chance to become highly proficient in SQL, which I consider a language.  Now, in the Netherlands, I am juggling both my work supporting a global supply chain implementation project and learning Dutch; all without missing a beat!  In December 2021, I was so proud to welcome Atlas, my first child, into the world.   #BreakTheBias




Here is a list of words that reflect what I do… I strive to break the bias by putting them all together:

Mother, PhD, kiteboarder, mathematician, skier, scientist, mountain biker,
bridge player, snowboarder, crocheter, rock climber, professor emerita,
sister, daughter, friend!




A black female chemical engineer who loves golf like me, is often considered “different” in other countries, but not that unusual to my Jamaican family.  I come from a family of engineers, educators and business owners that date back to at least my great-grandparents.  I also have an aunt that is an award-winning golfer in Jamaica and that is just one of her many talents.  My family believes whole-heartedly in the next generation doing better than previous generations, and making the most of the talents that we were given from birth and the opportunities that we are presented with today.  Bias in Jamaica is more about class, but that is a bias that an individual can overcome through education and hard work–very different than bias toward women.

I encourage all of our readers to learn about the uniqueness of the women in your life and stand in solidarity to break the biases that prevent them from achieving their full potential.

About Karen Bird

Karen is a Supply Planning Management Professional with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing in the Specialty Chemicals industry and in Global Supply Chain Implementation management in Specialty Chemicals, Consumer Packaged Goods and the Wine Industries.

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