Profit Point Celebrates Father’s Day 2022

Profit Point Father's Day 2022 Collage

It’s Father’s Day, and we at Profit Point want to take a moment to celebrate our fathers and the impact they have had on us.  Fathers guide us by teaching us core values, and, more importantly, show us how to live by them. Although we are spread to all corners of the country, these individuals (and their loved ones) make Profit Point feel like home.


The fathers at Profit Point:


Scott Rollins

We enjoy extended family vacations on Hilton Head Island.


Steve Cutler

We love to travel and explore new places together.


Mark Rockey

Our favorite vacation spot is Smith Lake in Alabama 


Bruce Shabosky

My children are now adults and have moved out, so we took a family trip to New York to get together for the first time since the Pandemic.  


Mark Gracey

I am a proud father of two Western Michigan Broncos. Both are upperclassmen in the Haworth College of Business. My youngest Madelynn is a Entrepreneurial Studies major, intends on taking over our local bakery after graduation so you might say she likes to make the “dough”. My oldest Garrison is an Accounting major, and I would say he is excellent at counting the “dough”. As for me, a generous father of two, I excel at forking over the “dough”.


Eric Deahl

Couldn’t be prouder as a father of two young ladies living life to its fullest, loving wastefully, and being all that they can be! 



Alan Kosansky

We love eating ice cream together!


Jim Piermarini

Proud father of a very recent graduate!  


John Cutler

The twins and I love Minecraft and play frequently.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, from the Profit Point family!

About Eric Deahl

Educated as an Industrial Engineer, Eric has been providing planning and scheduling solutions throughout his career to numerous industries, with a particular focus on the value chains in manufacturing and distribution. He came to us from the optimization team at FICO, and prior to that was the leader of the Optimization and Supply Chain Solutions team in North America for IBM. Eric has a particular interest in understanding how organizations differentiate themselves in a marketplace and then applying technology to enhance that differentiation through operational effectiveness.

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