Senior Supply Chain Consultant

Profit Point is in business to provide superior consulting services to assist business managers to make hard and potentially time-consuming decisions.   We do this by making data and the information that this data conveys available and easy to interpret and understand.  This requires both the technical excellence to configure and implement database and modeling tools, and the ability to make these tools exciting and useable by non-technical business managers.

Our three primary areas of focus are:

  • Supply Chain Network Design – Performing long-term strategic and mid-term tactical studies using supply chain network optimization software to assist clients in making critical supply chain infrastructure and operational decisions.
  • Supply Chain Software Implementation – Implement third party supply chain software applications with a keen focus on supply chain process improvement. Currently our more significant software partners are Aspen Technologies in the process industries and OMPartners.
  • Supply Chain Optimization for Competitive Advantage – Design, develop and implement optimization-based tools for supply chain opportunities that are not well addressed by the larger supply chain software vendors.
Job Description
  • Listen and learn about the client’s business problems and design effective processes to solve these problems. Recommend process changes and/or technical models where appropriate.
  • Design, develop, implement, and support technical optimization models to support decision making processes in manufacturing, production planning, distribution planning, scheduling, sales and operations planning, and strategic planning. Often these models will have a strong optimization component to them.
  • Help the client integrate technical solutions into their existing business processes.
  • Provide training on use of technical tools. This includes both the generic tool and specific model implementations.


Skills Required
  • Management Consulting – the ability to effectively communicate with business managers who have a broad range of styles and technical expertise.
  • Data and What-if Analysis
  • Mathematical Programming (LP, MIP, …)
  • Algorithm Design
  • Data Visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, Power BI)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Ability to tell a good joke occasionally


The Company

We love numbers, mind-bending problems, and helping our clients advance their bottom line. That’s why we help them envision cost-effective next-gen technology solutions. That’s also why we configure and implement exciting database and modeling tools that translate complex data into clear information for business managers.

Our end goal? To give our clients the confidence to make faster, more informed decisions that affect their supply chains – and we want to have fun doing it. Profit Point solves the toughest supply chain problems from our headquarters in MA, as well as satellite offices around the country.


  • We offer a competitive compensation plan with a base salary, generous benefits, year-end bonus, SEP, health insurance, time off and paid holidays.
  • Workforce diversity is an essential part of Profit Point’s commitment to quality and creating smarter solutions.
  • We encourage you to apply, whatever your race, gender, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or veteran status.
  • Our employees can live anywhere in the lower 48 states as long as they are near a major airport.
If you have the described qualifications and are interested in having fun while solving difficult problems, apply now.

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