Success Story: Supporting Supply Chain Automation With Change Management

Supply chain automation can often require a complementary change management initiative to minimize operational disruption and ensure cross-functional alignment to the business strategy. It may seem like a no-brainer to roll-out change management; however, many leadership teams can overlook the significance of detailed communication to give teams the reassurance and reinforcement that their actions matter to …
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Supply Chain Automation: Making the Transition from Spreadsheets to a Digital Scheduler

Supply chain automation can provide numerous benefits for businesses, including increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved customer satisfaction. However, before embarking on an automation project, it’s important that leaders consider three primary factors: Alignment with Business Strategy Technology & Integration Change Management & Workforce In this two-part blog series, we’ll examine how Profit Point helped …
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A Guide to Modeling Production Changeovers in Supply Chain Network Design

When you’re building a supply chain network design planning model, either operational or strategic, details matter. It’s critical to look at all aspects of your network when determining the key decisions to include in your model. One often overlooked option with a potentially significant upside is explicitly modeling significant production changeovers. With ever-changing market demands, …
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Capacity Planning Strategies: Analytics is Your Best Ally in an Unpredictable Supply Chain Environment

  Imagining an agile supply chain can be a little like trying to picture a nimble ocean freighter: In an environment where strategies and network changes are measured in years, the idea of responding quickly and effectively to changing conditions is difficult to envision. With the right team, tools, and expertise, though, Capacity Planning strategies …
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Four Keys to Increase Production Throughput by Visualizing Scheduling Constraints

Scheduling Image
Raw material shortages and chaotic supply chains can wreak havoc on manufacturing schedules and have planners scrambling for solutions. But with the right visibility into processes, schedulers can better assess how effectively production time is used, detect potential conflicts, and identify bottlenecks and constraints – and it can be a game changer. Profit Point recently …
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Have Supply Chains Learned the Lessons of the Bullwhip Effect?

There’s a classic scene in “Jurassic Park” where Jeff Goldblum’s character discusses chaos theory with the paleobotanist played by Laura Dern, and he uses a quick water drop experiment to explain the consequences of unpredictability in complex systems. You’ve no doubt heard of what’s kind of the supply chain’s version of this phenomenon: “The Bullwhip …
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