“Profit Point is a key partner for us in developing supply chain optimization planning engines. Their thought leadership and technical expertise has been instrumental in our journey to develop systems and tools that allow us to achieve optimality in our supply, inventory, transportation and distribution costs, while meeting our customer service targets.”

Jeff Greenfield
Director Worldwide Planning, Amazon

“Scheduling 10,000 face-to-face meetings among 400 exhibitors and over 300 retailers representing 80 companies is no simple task. Profit Point’s scheduling expertise is invaluable. We simply could not have done it without them.”

Elizabeth Nigro
Vice President, Information Services,
National Association of Chain Drug Stores

“Profit Point did not come to Carlisle with a pre-determined answer to our logistics issues. They did an excellent job of listening to our needs, working with our personnel to extract the necessary information, and formulating recommendations to reduce our costs.”

Bob Stout
Vice President in Charge of Purchasing and Logistics,
Carlisle SynTec Inc.

“In my 2.5 years of association with Profit Point, Profit Point has provided excellent technical support service for our Production Planning software (Aspen MIMI). Profit Point has also added valuable enhancements/modifications that have allowed us to adapt to our changing environment. Their service has always been prompt and professional.”

Robert Hamby
PDIC Section Manager,
Bridgestone / Firestone North American Tire, LLC

“We knew that the choices that we were making today will have a long-term impact on our business success, which is measured, both from a customer service level and cost perspective. Profit Point brings a compelling combination of optimization software and training experts which allow us to effectively manage the process and gain the greatest benefit from our network design.”

Douglas Holland
General Manager of Sales Operations in Mainland China,
Swire Beverages

“We turned to Profit Point to apply mathematical optimization techniques to further improve our supply chain operations.”

Johnnie Garlington
Warehouse Operations Manager
Toyota Motor Sales, NAPCC

“The functionality of Super Shuttle’s auto routing system is different than the typical delivery optimization of packages since we’re essentially delivering people. We collaborated with Profit Point to develop a system that actually delivers a superior experience for our customers. This has been a true team effort.”

Mike Hogan
Chief Technology Officer,
SuperShuttle International

“We needed a better way to visualize and integrate our complex production constraints along with logistical requirements but didn’t know the best way to do this. Profit Point worked with us to design a specific solution that met all our needs and we were able to implement in a short amount of time. We demonstrated the ability to make better, cost-saving decisions almost immediately after implementation and can’t say enough about how easy it is to work with Profit Point.”

Andrew Mytych
Global Planning Tool Leader,
Dow Chemical