Jim Piermarini

Jim Piermarini

Co-Founder and CEO


  • Order Assignment Optimization
  • Business Process Re-design
  • Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
  • Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE) Scheduling and Planning
  • Supply Chain Technologies: AspenTech SCM, OMP

Jim Piermarini is co-founder and CEO of Profit Point Inc. Jim has extensive experience in the chemical industry, including ten years working in a plant and 25 additional years working with businesses to improve manufacturing operations. He excels at finding the right levers to apply to changing the supply chain and implementing technology with maximum positive impact to the business. A number of Fortune 500 companies trust Jim to provide sound guidance for the design and operation of their supply chains.

Jim’s technical areas of expertise include supply chain management and system design. His management areas of expertise include mentoring junior staff and project management. Business functions include: strategic planning, tactical planning, production scheduling, distribution scheduling, transportation planning, transportation scheduling, pipeline scheduling, and inventory assignment.


Management Program
Wharton Business School

BS in Chemical Engineering
University of Massachusetts