John Cutler

John Cutler

Senior Technical Consultant


  • SQL Server and Oracle Database Administration and Design
  • Business Optimization
  • Technology
    • Python, R, C#, etc.
    • Profit Network
    • FICO Xpress
    • Informatica
    • .NET full stack development


John Cutler’s programming experience includes the development of inventory management system with tracking, scanning, a handheld interface and database driven web interface. He has platform experience that includes DOS, Windows 3.1 9.X, 2000 Pro, NT4 Workstation and Server, Novell Network Servers 3.12 and 4.X, Apple workstations and servers, web servers and mail servers. His software experience covers Delphi 4 through 7, C++, C#, Visual Basic, PHP, Assembly, Perl, Java, JavaScript, SQL, MATLAB, OpenGL, Informatica and Microsoft Robotics Studio.


BS in Computer Engineering
Utah State University