How It’s Done

Know the best routes for your entire fleet without the guess work

Profit Vehicle Router™ (PVR) is a streamlined version of our proven territory planning and vehicle routing optimization software Profit Vehicle Planner™ (PVP). PVR is designed for businesses that need to optimize their vehicle routing, but do not need the territory and cycle planning features that are included in PVP.

PVR helps distribution managers determine the best delivery routes for their fleets within the targeted geographic region to maximize the use of your delivery resources and vehicles.

Typical users and application areas include companies that deliver on a regular basis to a relatively static set of customers, such as food distribution companies, regional transportation service companies and other wholesale distributors. PVR will create delivery schedules, sequence deliveries and route each vehicle to minimize driving distances.


  • Allows for a complete distribution analysis by daily routes
  • Tailor routes to drivers capabilities
  • Provides a solution to deliver more products per driver
  • Decrease equipment and gas costs
  • Potential to decrease overtime pay
  • PVR streamlines your route-planning process, using computer-aided technology to:
    • Reduce the staff time required to determine the optimal routes
    • Reduce the number of delivery miles and delivery time
    • Decrease the number of delivery vehicles and drivers you need
  • PVR uses familiar tools such as Microsoft Access, Excel, MapPoint, and advanced proprietary routing algorithms to ensure high-quality solutions.



  • Able to manage thousands of customers, each with different demand characteristics
  • Matches your company’s delivery resources to your customer’s deliver requirements
  • Can easily add new customers and change assignments
  • Visually see a representation of all delivery routes
  • Generate daily delivery routes for your drivers and management
  • Reduce delivery costs while maintaining customer service
  • Easy-to-use interface

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