The art and science of
meeting customer demand in a smart way

Production &
Distribution Scheduling

Profit Point customizes Production Scheduling software tools to fit your processes like hand in glove. Our technology makes it easier for you to visualize your production activities and determine the best sequence and lot sizes.

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We support a variety of planning disciplines, with support for IBP, S&OP, Supply Planning and Demand Planning.

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Aspen Supply Chain Management

We specialize in the design, build and support of supply chain applications using tools such as Aspen Tech’s AspenONE SCM (MIMI) family of supply chain solutions and products.

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Overwhelming amounts of data flood the supply chain from all angles. Use it. Leverage it.

Doing this will vastly improve decisions that support your company’s strategic plan. We’re here to help bring your ERP data and technology together to make it work for you.


Your team will be able to visualize and test multiple future scenarios to achieve a collaborative, cross discipline decision making process.
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Case Study

Chemicals Batch Production Scheduling

Our client wanted to find a more automated and better way to create and maintain the production schedule across several batch reactors and schedulers.

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