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Profit Point has been helping leading manufacturers around the world improve their supply chain planning and production schedules for years. And now, with the abundant availability of data across the supply chain from suppliers to point-of-sale, there is a greater opportunity than ever to align your tactical decisions to management’s strategic business plan. We can help your team develop a Sales & Operation Planning process that leverages your ERP data and technology to come together to make daily decisions that support your goals.

What is S&OP

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is an integrated business management process through which a company’s leadership team continually aligns, synchronizes and manages the supply chain to achieve its strategic business objectives.

Your ERP software provides all the information you need to understand the details of the transactions that drive your business. And along with the copious volumes of information comes an ever increasing number of tactical possibilities. Our S&OP software integrates all of the relevant transactional data in your ERP and provides a common interface for finance, procurement, manufacturing, sales and marketing to understand the implications of the daily decisions that drive profitability and customer service. In essence, S&OP is the glue that aligns your organization to a common playbook.

An optimal S&OP process covers the full life cycle of your entire product line and includes the following steps:

  • Review your current business plan
  • Consider how to introduce new products and phase out aging inventory
  • Review near realtime demand and create a demand plan that includes marketing and sales forecasts
  • Develop a tactical plan to meet the demand plan
  • Identify manufacturing capacity and component shortages
  • Optimize procurement and manufacturing decisions
  • Complete a financial review to make ensure the tactical plan meets financial targets
  • Collaborate with all business functions to review the proposed scenarios and decide which plan best meets your business objectives
  • Repeat



A solid S&OP process will only be as good as the tool your team uses to optimize your options and collaborate on decisions. With Profit Point’s S&OP services the key stakeholders across business functions can access and visualize the data the drives your business decisions. These insights provide powerful tactical benefits that will help you manage complex decisions so that you can:

  • Eliminate bias to improve forecast accuracy
  • Improve customer service
  • Optimize materials procurement
  • Reduce inventory and safety stock
  • Determine product mix
  • Place the right products in the right channel
  • Improve new product introductions
  • Focus capital expenditures
  • Maximize profitability

Profit Point clients also have the option of using Profit S&OP, which has an integrated optimization engine that seamlessly drives the best scenarios to the forefront of your tactical planning sessions. Throughout the process, you and your team members will be able to visualize and test multiple future scenarios to achieve a collaborative, cross discipline decision making process.

S&OP Capabilities

  • Automatically generate an optimal tactical plan down to the bill of materials (BOM) level
  • Integration with your existing ERP data warehouse
  • Multi-period planning horizon
  • Scenario analyzer allows you to systematically assess multiple future scenarios
  • Complex BOM exploration
  • Visualize your plan, timelines and bill of materials to correct bottlenecks and reduce excesses
  • Export input data and output data to Tableau, Excel, Access or SQL Server
  • Secure, onsite or web-based architecture utilizing Silverlight, .net based n tier architecture and SQL Server
  • Multi-user
  • Easy-to-use, but robust user interface



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