How It’s Done

The most efficient way to improve profitability and build a competitive advantage

Accurately scheduling your production facilities and replenishment and customer shipments can maximize the use of your manufacturing assets and save you substantial operating expenses. Profit Point provides and supports a wide range of Scheduling Optimization software tools that will make it easier for you to visualize your production activities and determine the best production sequence and lot sizes.


Production and distribution scheduling can be some of the most intense decision processes in your supply chain — your customer requirements are changing constantly and the unexpected is the norm. Profit Point’s scheduling software and consulting services provides operation managers like you visibility in to your production schedule, so that distribution is smooth and changes can be made quickly and communicated effectively. And, with the right technology and improved production sequences you will be able to:

  • Combine production and distribution scheduling into one integrated interface
  • Reduce user time required to create and monitor an improved production and distribution scheduling process
  • Reduce Inventory Levels and Holding Costs
  • Improve Product Availability for Customer Product Demands
  • Shortens the time frame to perform multiple what-if-analysis
  • Quantify the decision process with cost reports
  • Provides clear answers to others outside of the planning department for many of the details contained within a schedule

As an operations manager you have the ultimately responsibility over these critical production and distribution decisions. We combine our extensive experience in scheduling optimization with best of breed optimization technology to ensure that your business operations become your competitive advantage.

Our Process

Profit Point provides decision making tools that can be continually used to monitor and schedule production and distribution activities. We assess your current operations and help to define the business requirements. Next, we design a solution that meets your business objectives and implement the right supporting technology, so that your scheduling processes will be streamlined, yet flexible. Finally, we train your schedulers and provide on-going support to your team.

What You Can Expect

Once we have completed your network plan, you will have a clear roadmap for aligning your supply chain to your business needs – a plan that that will guide your business processes for years to come.

We use advanced mathematical optimization techniques to ensure that your scheduling process:

  • Integrates the requirements of your production and distribution processes
  • Minimizes the time required to manage your scheduling processes
  • Eliminates unnecessary inventory
  • Provides you the insights needed to align scheduling activities with your company’s other business processes
  • Enhances your product availability and customer service

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