How It’s Done

Improving network design could trim 15% off your supply chain costs

Our Supply Chain Design and Network Optimization services help you solve complex decisions across sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and utilization. These services assist with identifying total delivered cost (TDC) and developing capital investment plans and asset utilization strategies that will enable profitable growth in a changing business environment.


Designing your supply chain network involves billions of options and numerous decisions. And, each of these decisions will impact your service levels, profitability and competitive advantage. To ensure an optimal design, it is critical that key business data from your ERP and your business insights are included. By combining your real world knowledge with your data, Profit Point is able to model numerous scenarios and optimize your design to expose total delivered cost by customer and product to meet your company’s strategic requirements.

As a business manager you have the ultimate responsibility over these critical infrastructure decisions. We combine our extensive experience in supply chain design with best of breed optimization technology to ensure that your plan will lead you to the best infrastructure decisions.

Our Process

At Profit Point, we use our Strategic Network Analysis Process (SNAP™) to construct a mathematical model of the network to generate an optimized infrastructure solution that will satisfy customer demand and minimize total cost across the entire network.

Through this process, we help you determine the optimal infrastructure plan to support critical decisions related to:

  • plant, warehouse and distribution center locations and utilization
  • the capacity that should be available at each of these locations
  • the transportation modes and lanes that should be used to move product through your network
  • which customers should be served from each facility and by which modes of transportation
  • when expansion of capacity is needed and where and how it should occur
  • when merging business or operations across subsidiaries, which facilities should be used and at what levels, and which ones should be closed


What You Can Expect

Once we have completed SNAP™, you will have a clear road map for aligning your supply chain to your business needs for years to come.

Your plan will:

  • Minimize your total supply chain costs, including transportation, manufacturing, inventory and raw material supply
  • Identify total delivered cost for every customer and product
  • Maximize your organization’s customer service potential
  • Improve profitability by identifying how to service your customer demand through your Supply Chain network
  • Avoid or delay capital investments by maximizing the utilization of your existing assets and minimizes enterprise capital expense by ensuring that capacity investments are targeted for the right place at the right time
  • Minimize excess infrastructure and realizes synergistic opportunities when merging discrete business operations

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