How It’s Done

Profit Network™

Profit Network™ is a stand-alone network design software package that can be integrated with your ERP data warehouse and is used to design and optimize your supply chain network for profitability and customer service levels. Profit Network can be used to analyze the entire life-cycle of your supply chain network including:

  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Placement and location of manufacturing and production facilities
  • Distribution center and warehouse location and minimization
  • Transportation lane and mode optimization
  • Order fulfillment optimization
  • Across multiple future scenarios
  • Over a multi-period planning horizon
  • Restructuring of supply chains after mergers, periods of rapid growth and in anticipation of geographic or product preference shifts in the market

Profit Network™ allows you to model your existing or proposed supply chain for a geographic area, with its locations, flow limits and costs. Input data can include raw material sources and costs, plant locations, plant production rates and costs, warehouse and distribution center locations, ERP transactional data, costs, customer locations and anticipated demand.


With a state-of-the-art optimization engine powering your model, Profit Network™ incorporates your real-world operational, sustainability and capital constraints to develop the lowest cost implementable solution. By ensuring an implementable solution, Profit Network helps you focus on practical solutions in your “what if” scenarios. With Profit Network™, trading off the sometimes competing priorities of operating cost, sustainability priorities and capital spending limits has never been easier.

Model results can be viewed as tables of flows and costs, in Tableau, Microsoft Access or Excel, and the system provides a visual display of the manufacturing plant, warehouse, and customer locations in service region. Profit Network™ will also displays your network results in either MS MapPoint or the MapInfo framework.


  • Expose total delivered cost for any product and customer
  • Automatically generates an optimal solution for lowest cost and maximum profit
  • Use for strategic planning and tactical planning
  • Multi-period planning horizon
  • Compare multiple scenarios using Excel or Tableau (sold separately)
  • Enhanced facilities modeling
  • Option to simplify demand data using sales forecast and geographic weighting
  • Simplified DC throughput planning using one or many constraints
  • Integrated capital planning
  • Include tax incentives in the model
  • Comprehensive sustainability initiative planning
  • Visually see a representation of solution
  • Input Data and output data can be read and written to MS Excel, MS Access or SQL Server
  • Mapping analysis and presentation
  • Greenfield analysis
  • Automatic data validation and error alerts
  • Even more reporting options
  • Easy-to-use interface

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