How It’s Done

Does your Supply Chain exploit your competitive advantages?

Most of your supply chain processes should function like your electricity: Be there when you want it, perform consistently, predictably and on-demand.  Then there are the special few supply chain processes  that give your business competitive advantage.  These are optimized and uniquely designed processes that reflect your special understanding of the opportunities and challenges your business and supply chain face.  Our greatest passion is to help you discover,  define,  design and implement business processes that enable you to achieve competitive advantage in select areas of your operations.

Our Process

A robust supply chain takes in to account many business requirements. These might include things like customer demand, product mix, manufacturing capacities and distribution capabilities. To optimize your supply chain, our consultants begin by understanding your business requirements and the challenges that your organization faces. We lead you through a proven data-based supply chain analysis and improvement process that will benchmark your current performance.  We then propose and help you evaluate options that will drive improvement in key areas such as total supply chain cost, supply chain agility, customer service and other strategic business initiatives.

We Work with you to:

  • Assess existing supply chain processes and identify the few which should provide “leading-edge” performance to exploit your competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • For each process where a “Competitive-Advantage” solution is desired we
    o   Identify key decisions  that need to be made
    o   Design improved (optimal) processes that enable the competitive advantage opportunity
    o   Identify Data needed to support on-going decision making
    o   Implement software tools to support sustainable and optimal business practices
    o   Deliver an analysis of the key elements of the social system that either support or impede performance
    o   Recommend activities for sustained  improvement

Some Examples of Supply Chain business process optimization for competitive advantage

  • Provide fast, sustainable multi-level analysis to determine the projected gross margin across the portfolio of perspective new customers at a product/ship-to level of detail to determine which new customers to accept and at what price
  • Provide fast, sustainable multi-level analysis to determine the projected gross margin of existing customers at a product/ship-to level of detail to manage the pricing and volume of the existing customer portfolio
  • Ensure that the available mix of raw materials is combined to maximize the revenue of the final products
  • Schedule plant capacity to maximize throughput in some parts of the plant while retaining the agility to quickly respond to short lead-time customer demand in other parts of the plant
  • Reduce capital investment by optimizing the use of existing infrastructure
  • Manage internal resupply processes (DRP) to minimize total cost at the appropriate level of customer service
  • Manage internal delivery fleets to minimize cost while meet customer service requirements
  • Optimize pick-up and delivery routes to trade-off cost with passenger wait-time
  • Improve customer service and reduce inventory using POS data, channel inventory and customer priority to optimize order fulfilment

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