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About Excel Solver

Frontline Systems is the worldwide leader in Excel Solver — advanced software used for optimization and simulation of business and engineering models in Excel. Over 500 million copies of Frontline’s Solvers for optimization have been distributed to users, in every copy of Microsoft Office sold since 1990, and Frontline’s Excel Solver upgrade products, sold directly to advanced users, are by far the market leaders in their field.

What does that mean for you? Well if you are already familiar with Microsoft Excel, then you are ready to begin optimizing your business models.

As an official Frontline Partner, Profit Point has the experience and expertise to optimize your models or train and support you in the advanced optimization techniques available to you with Solver.

Benefits of Excel Solver

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are the most common and one of the most effective ways to manage business and supply chain operations. They provide the flexibility to address the issues unique to your business in a standard and easy to understand format.

Excel spreadsheets allow you to start small with specific analysis and reporting, and then grow to support broader and more complex decision making for your business. For more advanced users of Excel, the Solver functionality provides the power to find optimal or “best” solutions to meet business objectives like maximizing profit, minimizing cost or achieving a specific business goal.

Companies and managers are finding that they are able to create significant competitive advantage by identifying the right optimization problems to ask and by using Excel spreadsheet Solver to find the best solutions.

How We Can Help

Profit Point has deep expertise in using a wide range of optimization technologies. For many complex business decisions, Solver provides the best size tool for the job. And, Profit Point can help you get the most of Solver’s optimization power.

Whether you are using Excel Solver for the first time or are working to bring your existing spreadsheet application to scale to support your growing business, Profit Point can help:

  • Build your Solver optimization models from scratch
  • Improve your existing Solver models
  • Train your users in advanced Solver techniques
  • Support your Solver users by providing remote assistance with one of our industry-leading optimization experts

With Profit Point’s Solver services, you have the benefit of powerful decision support technology with a cost-effective solution.

Solver Optimization Case Studies

You might be surprised to see what you can achieve with Solver. See what a few of our clients have done to meet their business objectives using Excel:

  • Find out how a new optimization model/tool has allowed this Wholesale-Distributor of Retail Products the ability to increase savings on promotional product selection by an order of magnitude while improving customer service at the same time.
  • Discover how a Global Grower and Distributor of Fresh Fruits decreased containerboard material purchase costs by 6% and increased management’s productivity with a PC based materials purchase planning tool.
  • Provided consulting and technology services to National Automobile Assets Management firm to design and add optimization capabilities to their auto facility investment financial model.
  • Built a mathematical heuristic algorithm as part of Financial Services Consulting company’s Cash Flow Income Model.

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