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Profit Vehicle Planner™

Profit Vehicle Planner™ (PVP) is our custom software tool that automatically designs sales/distribution territories to match your company’s delivery resources and your customer’s deliver requirements. Additionally, it optimizes your cycle planning to determine the appropriate vehicles for each territory. And, finally it determines the best delivery routes to be used across your distribution fleet.

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Profit Vehicle Router™

Profit Vehicle Router™ (PVR) is our routing-only solution. It is designed for businesses that need to optimize their vehicle routing, but do not need the territory and cycle planning features that are included in PVP.

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Transportation Procurement

Profit Point provides optimization services in this area to handle all inbound and outbound transportation routes, including rail, truck (bulk, packaged, and LTL), and marine bids, and simplifies the selection process while lowering overall transportation costs.

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Are transportation and distribution costs cutting into your bottom line?

If you’re delivering goods to customers regularly, the answer is most likely yes. We specialize in handling the time-consuming leg work to find you the most efficient set of routes. Our results have you reaping the benefits of improved customer service and lowered transportation costs.


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